Reflections and personal blogs

Helter Skelter

Absolutely power corrupts absolutely, yes. It’s a hurricane – a roller coaster of milieu control signals. No consistent demography to speak of – just bare [Read More]

Happy Birthday to me

  Today I turned 56. What a glorious day. I took myself out for dinner. It was going to be a refined affair that ended up taking a feral turn last minute – [Read More]

The Tall Poppy Club

Hello friends, Tonight I tried to cook Ramen and I set the stove on fire. Put your arms around me, Fiddly digits, itchy britches I love you all I am working on a new project [Read More]

“I could kill you, sure.”

To do (in no particular order) 1. buy ukulele. 2. Sort my life out. 3. Dye hair white again. 4. Actually look at the psych degree I started a month ago. 5. Put on some red [Read More]