5 Cool Things: Tuesday the 6th of August

I know I said I’d be posting everyday but then I remembered I have a life, so that’s a bit tough. Instead I’m going to post as often as I can because I give no fucks – probably bi-weekly.

I’m also covered in honey right now and fuelled by an absolutely terrible cappuccino, my dedication to you knows no bounds.

Annnny who, here are today’s 5 cool things.

David Lynch – The Art Life

We all love us some David Lynch, right? Well check this out

The Art Life is a film exploring the “life and mind” of the Davey Lynn and is dedicated to his daughter. Below if the first trailer. YAS!


‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’ Is Getting 6-Part TV Series

Yeah, Virgin Suicides was rad film… but did you ever see Picnic at Hanging Rock?

If not, you should watch the whole movie here and then get excited about this.

Angel Olsen’s New Album: My Woman

Raw, powerful, beautiful and your essential September album. Read here about Angel Olsen taking control and refusing to be pinned down (Your Woman/Not Your Woman).

Sia drops Kendrick Lamar collab ‘The Greatest’ and video

 Mesmerising music video featuring Jonbenet Ramsey Maddie Ziegler

Nan Goldin unveils new work in a UK prison

The New Yorker, alongside artists Marlene Dumas, Steve McQueen, and Wolfgang Tillmans, pays tribute to Oscar Wilde’s incarceration with new film and photography work. Read the Dazed article on it here.

And one extra little treat…

Dear MCP

Dear MCP is an anonymous Tumblr Blog created by an amazing friend of mine,  “where we can write to our own personal MCP and tell him why he’s a Twat and what we have done as a result of his actions.” Check it out here and get ready to get fired up.

Enjoy your week, my darlings and baby dolls.


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