Exhibitions I’m looking forward to: Pillow Talk

More Scarlett Carlos Clarke

If you enjoy this sort of jam, check out Film Hooligans – fresh rolls every Friday.

Pillow Talk curated by the incomparable, Antonia Marsh:

“Bed becomes a forum in which struggles in a relationship are defused or intensified. Sex isn’t about performance; it’s about a certain kind of communication founded on trust and exposure and vulnerability that can’t be expressed any other way… Sex becomes a microcosm of the relationship, the battleground, an exorcism.”

– Nan Goldin in The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1986.

Tom Beard

Jamie Burke

Lily Bertrand-Webb

Rebekah Campbell

Rebekah Campbell

Marcel Castenmiller

Scarlett Carlos Clarke

More Scarlett Carlos Clarke

Rory DCS

Fryd Frydendahl

Others include:

Kristin Gallegos
Ada Hamza
Amelia Hazlerigg
Sam Hiscox
Jesse Jenkins
Sandy Kim
Indigo Lewin
Chad Moore
Tim Noble
Matilde Soes Rasmussen
Tafv Sampson
Joe Skilton
Jono White
Austin Williams

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