Looking into Fear Itself

Fear itself is an esoteric, sort-of documentary, more terrifying and beautiful than any horror movie I’ve seen in the last few years.

I say ‘sort-of’ documentary because director/writer Charlie Lyne has completely done away with the traditional objective, linear documentary style.

Instead, actress Amy Watson reads Lyne’s film essay reflecting on the nature of Fear Itself. Amy’s soft, drowsy narration is complimented by a miscellany of both familiar and less familiar horror movie clips.

It’s unnerving how well this film manages to both explore and project the feeling of fear. Fucking fantastic. The visceral power of film and sound will never cease to amaze me, especially the awe inducing influence of horror. Maybe it’s an easier genre to manipulate audience reaction. 

“When you turn away from the things that scare you, you really just give them more power over your life.”

Watch the film here.

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