Blood on the draughts board

The following is based on actual events. 

Dad and I were setting up a game of draughts. It’s an impressively splendid, heavy wooden board with white and mahogany draught men.

While traditionally draughts (or checkers) is a strategy game for two people, we do let the dogs have occasional guest moves as they have excellent minds for strategy. Which is lucky because they’re terrible at Wii Sports.

It was a pleasant New England Afternoon, and the autumn leaves were dropping like the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We chose to set up the game in the library as it was on the third floor of our stately manor home and the bay windows gave the best view of our grounds. I also find the musty aroma of old books and pre-raphaelite poetry to be particularly enraging, a great mind set for a game of draughts.

It was mugs away so I moved first, top row, diagonal and into the left corner.

Then it was Dad’s go. As he reached over to move the piece, he sliced his forearm on a stray nail sticking out from the arm chair. We both agreed that it was gross but decided to play on, unaware of drops of blood falling onto the board.

So engrossed in the game where we that we did not notice a low, rolling fog creep into the room, nor the ominous (but to be fair subtle) howls from the undead.

In fact, we didn’t notice that we had conjured the devil until he was standing over us.

A rather uncomfortable few minutes took place where we had to explain that we didn’t intentionally put human blood on a board and then make repeated pentagram symbols in order to summon the devil, it just so happens that a pentagram symbol is a great mover strategy in a game if you can manage it.

Lucky for us he saw the funny side and stayed on to play the winner.

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