Feeling Grimey – about Art Angels

HEY, YOU GUYS! (To be read in the sloth from Goonies voice, please and thanks)

I have been thinking I want to write more often (sorry to everyone who has subscribed and is too polite to unsubscribe) so here we are.

There are more than 50 other things I should be doing tonight. Instead I am sitting at home covered in coconut oil (for beauty reason, obviously), Planet of the Apes muted on the telly and listening to Art Angels (not Angles, auto correct, you butt head).

Incase you need a visual of that here it is :

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 6.44.03 pm

(I’m also eating these healthy biscuit things and drinking diet coke from a wine glass. These things mean nothing, but it felt odd not to mention them.)

Right, here are my 3 favourite tracks from Art Angels. It’s pop, but not as you know it. It’s thoughtful, dark and danceable – you’ll want to hook it to your veins.

1. California. The lyrics resonated with me on a level I didn’t know I was looking for. It tells the story of Grimes’ complicated relationship with California. The harshness of freedom and the missing where you came from. Confusion, fear and excitement. Not my favourite melodically, but lyrically… Bam.

“The things they see in me, I cannot see myself
When you get bored of me, I’ll be back on the shelf
And when the ocean rises up above the ground
Baby I’ll drown in…
You only like me when you think I’m looking sad”

2.  Pin.  I think this could be one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. Probably, I don’t know. I’ll most likely say that about 50 more times before the end of the year. I love me a bit of a percussive beat, guitar riff and a fast moving falsetto. Again, the lyrics are transcendent.

“Bite off your fingernails, cut off your skin
Tell me that it didn’t happen
Running through the dark woods, falling, couldn’t see straight
I was only looking for a human to reciprocate”

3. Scream. I have a feeling this will be most people’s favourite song.
Grimes steps into the background and Taiwanese rapper, Aristophanes smashes this kind of industrial and kind of tribal number. It’s super Grindhouse and pulpy. Love at first listen.


These are my 3 favourite songs, but if you want the full experience (and you do, trust me), listen to the whole album in the order it’s meant to be heard. I know it sounds wanky and you could argue ‘death to author’ and all that… but Grimes (my close personal pal) has put together a fantastic story in this album and you’d be doing yourself a major disservice to just pick it up and read a random chapter.

But I dunno, do what you want. I don’t know your life.

Speak soon, imaginary online friends.

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