I’m passionate about using story telling, marketing and the online world to motivate real behaviour change.

A bit more about me? Well, okay.

I’m an experienced:

  • editor
  • writer and film reviewer
  • digital/social media strategist and digital brand creator
  • community builder and online events organiser (think twitter chats and online conferences)
  • analytics and reporting whizz
  • digital campaign creator and manager
  • podcast and film creator
  • CMS producer
  • speaker and presenter

You can call me: The Slasher.

I’m always looking for new projects.

Please contact me on hol.royce@gmail.com to inquire about availability and day rates.


I’ve spent the last 2 years working with Collectively, along its journey from online media platform to agency. It has been a wild ride but my proudest achievement from my time here is the creation of the Collectively Unleashed podcast, which you can listen to here. I’ve also been a prolific contributor to the online media platform, managed and built of their online presence and social media and worked closely in commissioning stories and creating and managing online campaigns including Fashion Take Back and We Got Power.

Before my time with Collectively, I played a very similar role with sensational NGO, 1 Million Women, including leading on a digital rebrand. Working on their 1 Million Women for the Great Barrier Reef campaign, backed by Richard Branson, was a great experince. Before THAT, (now we’re going back) I worked in the realm of writing, editorial and social media for various publishing companies in Australia.


I am extremely passionate about female representation in pop culture and film. Whilst in London, I’ve been lucky enough to play the role of digital marketing manager with the East End Film Festival, volunteer and write for the Bechdel Test Fest and Sundance Film Festival London.

Told you I love film. In fact I love it so much I have created my own film film reviewing website, The Reel Film Fatale.

I also create and edit vox pops and short films, some of which you can see here.


In the past two years, I dabbled in politics (kind of) helping to create the digital strategy for remain campaign We Are Europe. This was an innovative, open source campaign which ended up reaching over six million people.


I currently work with TEDx London as their social media and community manager.

A few other things:

I blog about silly things here.

I’m slowly working on the Tall Poppy Club. A platform to showcase all the amazing ladies who come into my life.

I’ve also done a bunch of other professional stuff, connect with me on LinkedIn.

(Read this next part in a slam poetry voice)

A writer at heart – social media lover, film mad, vintage fashion lover, horror and documentary addict, 6o’s loving-beat girl and pop culture fiend. That’s it. Now we’re best friends.

If you want to work with me and/or are  interested in getting in contact email at: hol.royce@gmail.com